Regardless of age or gender we all have a rebel inside.
The shows concept lies with its capacity to give the viewer access to the “rebel lifestyle and all the “cool things associated with that image.

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The philosophy “live like you mean it resonates throughout the silver lining of the show. It’s about the things we would like to experience… but probable never will. It’s about the difference between men and boys… the size of their toys.

It’s about taking a chance… and reaching for the sky. It’s about the epitome of freedom…the motorbike. Our goal is to inspire, entertain and set aflame the spark of passion for life.

Sid’s Cycle Show is a semi scripted lifestyle docudrama. It opens with two simple words full of promise, imagination, hope, regret and possibility.

What if…!
What if… you could do anything you wanted?
What if…would you?
Of course you would!

Sid decides to give up his business, step of the beaten path and experience all the things he has not been able to do in his life, starting by combining the two things on the top of his list…learning how to be a bike-builder and have his own T.V. show.

His journey takes him from one bike shop to another but the open road beckons… He’s got people to meet, things to try, trouble to get into, fun to be had and a list that keeps getting longer… watch out ‘cause Sid’s flying circus is coming to town! The fun, the, the chaos, the questions, the problems, the solutions…and the drama. Living like there’s no tomorrow may not work when you do it for a whole year but it sure is interesting.

The Canadian audience has finally been given an unpretentious yet lightly “over the top edgy show which was not produced by the “broadcast cookie cutter machine . They recognize it, they associate with it and they have embraced it.

For the rebel inside!