The difference between our dreams and goals is the conviction to continue where others would stop...regardless of failure.    Sid

This bio is not about what I’ve done or whom is about whom I am and the things that shaped me.

I was born and raised in the Netherlands... Throughout life I've been told, "it could not be done"... Surviving cancer while all other 32 children on those 3 terminal wards died... Coming back to life after having touched death while being without heart beat for over 5 minutes... Escaping from "medical institutions " by (among other things) stealing a horse and swimming her across an ocean channel...

Studying architecture after having to learn how to read and write al over again at the age of 12 as a result of two brain tumors... Beating epilepsy with pure will power...and going on to become a 6’4” “brick shithouse”. Traveling trough Europe and North America as a sculptor and painter... From having slept on subway grids... to living “the American dream”.

To some of those whom do not know me, my seeming lack of humility can be perceived as arrogance... However it is my shield... with the conviction of my pursuit as my sword... While my warhorse of imagination carries me across the roads and oceans of life... I make my way through the valley of shadows as the fire of passion lights up the way... I know... I do not carry those 32 souls with me. Yet I try to live the promises of life they will never see, but through my eyes...

I have been fortunate enough to have met many interesting, talented, charismatic and beautiful people along the path of my colourfull and sometimes-turbulent life. I would like to think al of them have left a mark on me.

But it is to those whom have reached the peek of the mountain at much sacrifice I owe thanks... For inspiring me to write this bio without conformity and with the knowledge that there is a greater strength in humility than force...although I am not ready for this wisdom yet, I feel humbled by the promise of it's coming.      Sid